Countdown Starts for AIPH’s 75th Annual Horticultural Congress

Tickets are now available for the 75th Annual Congress of the International Horticultural Producers Association (AIPH) to be held from September 17-21, 2023 in Suncheon, Republic of Korea. Footprint, sustainability and insights into the horticultural industry in the Republic of Korea are on the agenda.

Project using the power of plants to create livable and resilient green cities

On Monday 18 September, organisers of forthcoming AIPH-approved Expos will share updates on their progress at the International Expo Conference. Delegates will have the chance to explore the 2023 Suncheonman International Garden Expo in the afternoon on a VIP tour. The park site spans an impressive 193 hectares and encompasses three locations: the Suncheon Bay Wetlands, Suncheon Bay National Garden, and downtown Suncheon.

The Horticultural Industry Conference takes place on 19 September and will welcome key speakers from the Republic of Korea to present details of the country’s horticulture industry. In the afternoon, footprinting and sustainability in the industry will take the spotlight. Speakers from around the world will be joining to present on the latest innovations, such as the FloriPEFCR – the EU’s Environmental Footprinting Standard for Ornamental Horticulture.

On 20 September, the Green City conference will present how the industry contributes to projects and programmes that use the power of plants to create healthy, liveable, and resilient green cities. AIPH members and industry practitioners will present insights into where and how the industry has influence, and what this means for the long term relevance of growers and grower organisations. The conference will be followed by tours to key green city locations in Suncheon.

Horticultural Producer

Speakers for the conferences include:

Horticultural Industry Conference

Mr. Heo Changgak, Korea Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs, RoK

Mr. Lim Yuktaek, President of KFA (Korea Florist Association) and KOFLAS (Korea Federation of Flower-Related Associations), RoK

Mr. Song Junho, Chief of Agriculture Cooperation Youngho, RoK

Mr. Albert Haasnoot, Royal FloraHolland, the Netherlands

Mr. Edmund Timm, MPS, the Netherlands

Mr. Martin Brijs, Palmstead Nurseries/HTA, UK

Green City Conference

Mr. Yongjun Jo, Landscape Architect, RoK

Ms. Diane Lee, KAFC, RoK

Mr. Albert Haasnoot, Royal FloraHolland, the Netherlands

Mr. Glenn Fenton, Greenlife Industry Australia

Mr. Bill Hardy, CNLA, Canada

Dr. Audrey Timm, AIPH, UK

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