Case launches two budget-friendly near-chipless tractors

Last month a report in a Dutch magazine suggested that New Holland was to shortly launch a pair of budget-friendly tractors that claimed simplicity as a major asset

Case launches two budget-friendly near-chipless tractors

Case launches two budget-friendly near-chipless tractors

At the time, the company was reluctant to confirm the news of the new T5 series tractors, although it was later admitted to be true and that details would be released towards the end of October.

Case come forward

Meanwhile, over at Case, the sibling company has happily announced the arrival of just such two machines, the Farmall 90A and the Farmall 100A which, as their naming suggests, provide 90hp and 100hp respectively.

Normally, when mainline manufacturers tell us of new machines we are regaled with details of all the electronic and digital whatnots that come as part of the package, however in this instance there is a refreshing silence upon the matter.

Chips electronic transmission
The new tractors are aimed at the less intensive users

What we learn instead is that maximum torque is delivered at the lower engine speed of 1,300rpm from the FPT engine, which uses four emission-control systems to ensure it meets stage V standards.

Also of note is that the standard gearbox is a 40km/h 12×12 mechanical unit which is described as simple, dependable and durable, as opposed to sophisticated and cutting edge.

A few mod cons

Not all enthusiasm for modernity is lost however, for a hydraulically actuated shuttle change may be specified, as can a 20X20 creep gearbox.

Further options include a front linkage with a 1,400kg lift capacity, with or without a 1,000rpm power take-off (PTO), front axle brakes, and a high flow hydraulic pump with a 82L/min output to drive all of this, plus up to three spool valves.

Chips budget engine case
The tractors can be supplied ready-fitted with brackets for a front-end loader

The cab does, thankfully, come with air conditioning as standard and is said to have 320° of vision, thanks to its narrow pillars, along with a larger roof hatch for better visibility skywards.

Other than these basics, the company has little to say about the specification of the tractors which are aimed at the smaller farmer or for roles with less intensive usage.

Increased availability of budget tractors

Having the major companies build tractors without a stack of electronics comes as something of surprise for they tend to see digital transformation as a profitable opportunity as much as an aid to farming.

An explanation may be found in the fact that besides a reduction in cost, tractors with a lower electronics load are more reliably produced for there is no heavy chip requirement to delay manufacture.

case new holland tractors
Complexity can bring efficiencies but lengthen lead times

Global chip supply problems may be easing, but the demand is still huge and it is unlikely that the backlog will clear anytime soon, mainly because as new chips offer advances over older types, the demand increases.

Covid-19 broke an already tight supply chain, backing away from the desire to digitalise all the functions of a tractor enables them to be built with less delay, increasing the total number of units sold, if not the margin on each.

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