Brand-new tractor tire sets new standards


Designed in close cooperation with farmers and dealers, this tire delivers top performance in the field and on the road. AGRI STAR II features a unique Stratified Layer Technology (SLT) which equally ensures continuous top performance and an outstanding service life. Furthermore, the AGRI STAR II comes with a D speed rating, i.e. 65 km/h, a 7-year warranty, and a stunning design.

Right from the start, AGRI STAR II will be available in 76 SKUs in 70-s and 85-series, including specific sizes and various load indexes to cover the market needs almost up to 100 per cent.

Boosting traction and tire life to new levels with SLT!

In order to provide the optimum solution for challenging agricultural working environments, engineers at Alliance Tire Group developed the unique Stratified Layer Technology (SLT). Each lug consists of two layers with different profiles. The top layer features a single angle profile whilst the bottom layer comes with a multi angle profile which compensates the loss of tire performance due to the tire wear. In combination with the deeper non-skid-depth and the optimal number of lugs, the succession of these two layers ensures a markedly increased lug performance that leads to outstanding traction in the field even after prolonged wear as well as excellent road capabilities.

Thanks to SLT, low wear, long tire life and lasting top performance for an extended lifespan all have become reality in one tire: AGRI STAR II. When the top layer of the lugs – about 40 per cent of the tread depth – is worn out, the bottom layer comes into action and the lugs change their geometry. This new layer provides excellent traction again that is as powerful as with a completely new tire! In practical everyday operation, this SLT-effect leads to a significantly longer service life.

“With modern agricultural tires, long tire life is not a wonder any more. But what about the quality and the performance of this long life? Our goal was to bring the longevity to a new level – to deliver maximum traction even after a prolonged wear. And we did it! The AGRI STAR II provides as powerful traction as a new tire after 40 per cent wear”, says Angelo Noronha, President EMEA at Alliance Tire Group.

The higher rubber volume in the centre, and enhanced stiffness in conjunction with the special lug design ensure that AGRI STAR II offers high comfort, impressive stability and grip on the road, as well as improved anti-skidding and braking capabilities. The D speed rating of this tire is yet another distinctive feature that adds to the outstanding performance and goes beyond what is standard in radial tractor tires.

This tire is also characterised by its wide shoulders which equally protect soil and crop when operating in the field and on pasture. A stubble guard compound ensures effective protection against damage whilst the tire’s polyester carcass reliably keeps the tire in shape over time and even after over-heating due to particularly challenging working conditions. Both features contribute to the tire’s outstanding durability. In addition, the unique design of the SLT lugs allows for very effective self-cleaning characteristics.

“With its A-class performance, our brand-new AGRI STAR II offers top quality at a very attractive price point. As additional advantage, this tire also comes with a 7-year warranty – and thus is our convincing answer to the wide-ranging requirements and wishes of farmers and dealers”, highlights Angelo Noronha.

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