Big hearted Steyr remains compact and light

Steyr will be stepping into 2023 with a new flagship tractor that sits at the top its range and is a pointer to future developments.

Big hearted Steyr remains compact and light

Big hearted Steyr remains compact and light

Developing a rated 280hp from a six-cylinder, 6.7L FPT engine, it will boost to 302hp if needed, yet the company claims it remains light in weight, although the actual figure has yet to be posted.

Steyr does its own thing

Designated the Steyr Absolut 6280, it is designed as a powerful but compact tractor that offers a large serving of power from its constrained dimensions.

Steyr tractor absolut
Despite being a CNH brand and bearing similarities to the NH T7.290, the Steyr retains its own style and design priorities

To better cope with this power, the gross vehicle weight has been increased to 15t with larger axles and bigger tyres, transmitting it to the ground.

The engine is fitted with an electronic variable geometry turbo which is said to provide excellent engine torque characteristics over a wide rev band, down to 1,300rpm.

CVT made less simple

Constantly variable transmissions were once simple affairs; the harder you pressed the pedal the faster you would go, with the CVT automatically finding the right ratio.

Steyr has added a layer of sophistication with various adjustments being possible. These allow operators to make settings that can then be saved and recalled, according to preferences and application requirements.

Steyer absolut tractor

Despite being a sibling of the CNH family this system is unique to the Absolut CVT. The settings have been developed with customers to focus particularly on enhanced acceleration/deceleration behaviour.

A further benefit is improved shuttle response and greater sensitivity for both the drive pedal and the Multicontroller, with position detection for the latter also improved.

Room for the nosebag

The cab has 8% more volume than its predecessor which has enabled incorporation of more storage, including an integral coolbox under the passenger seat that can hold a lunchbox and a pair of 2L bottles.

Good news at last for operators trying to stow their sandwiches and flask ready for a day’s work away from the yard.

Cab roomy storage

Advanced Vehicle Suspension, which synchronises the front axle suspension, cab suspension and rear linkage damping to minimise shock transfer adds to the general contentment of the driver.

Steyrs are not officially imported into Ireland at present, although a small number of dealers have been bringing them in privately.

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