AgroLiquid’s PrimAgro C-Tech achieves biostimulant industry certification

AgroLiquid, a leading provider of agricultural crop nutrition products, has been awarded a prestigious certification, affirming its adherence to industry-recognized standards for efficacy, safety, and composition of its biostimulant product, PrimAgro C-Tech.

The recognition from The Fertilizer Institute (TFI), a nationwide trade organization representing fertilizer producers, wholesalers, retailers and trading firms, marks a significant milestone as PrimAgro C-Tech becomes the first-ever biostimulant product to receive the certification.

AgroLiquid CEO Nick Bancroft made the announcement, along with TFI President and CEO Corey Rosenbusch, during a Monday ceremony at AgroLiquid’s corporate headquarters in St. Johns.

“PrimAgro C-Tech meets the rigorous standards outlined”

″We are thrilled to have earned the Certified Biostimulant label from TFI,″ Bancroft said. ″With the rising popularity of biostimulant products among growers, this certification provides both retailers and end-users with the confidence that PrimAgro C-Tech meets the rigorous standards outlined in the U.S. Biostimulant Industry Guidelines.″

TFI’s Biostimulant Certification Program was established with the goal of providing assurances to manufacturers, agricultural retailers, and growers alike. Rosenbusch said countless conversations with ag retailers had a consistent theme — the lack of a standard when assessing biostimulants as a relatively new product.

By focusing on efficacy method testing, safety, and composition, the TFI’s program is intended to build trust among stakeholders and foster the advancement of sustainable agricultural practices.

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