Agritechnica 2023 to Host 23 International Pavilions

Two thirds of the exhibition’s 2,600 exhibitor’s hail from 55 different countries, a new record – 300 international exhibitors are located in 23 country and regional pavilions – six premiering pavilions – high interest in the national pavilions underlines Agritechnica as the venue for global business

(DLG). With 23 countries and regions, the number of national pavilions at Agritechnica continues at an all-time high, indicating that the display of products and services under a national banner has many merits. New this year are pavilions from the Netherlands, Northern Ireland, Sweden, Ukraine, Nebraska State and Taiwan. For the first time, Greek companies are supported by export incentives.

23 international pavilions

Six new pavilions

The new pavilions this year from Ireland, the Netherlands, Northern Nebraska state, Sweden, Taiwan and Ukraine will offer visitors a range of technical solutions from farm inputs, grassland technology, electronics and hydraulics to harvesting and grain storage,

With its focus on tillage, grain storage and harvest logistics solutions, the Ukraine pavilion in Hall 5 will attract attention from international visitors exploring large-scale farm options. Ukrainian companies have accumulated extensive technical experience over the years – some during highly challenging times – which can provide plenty of discussion points at the venue boasting 16 companies.

Pavilion highlights

Promoting “French excellence” and diversity in the agricultural equipment sectors, Business France will organize its French pavilion in Hall 7, which houses more than 20 companies displaying solutions in tooling, biotechnology, applicative software, fertilizers, environmental transition or again storage.

The UK pavilion in hall 7, organized by UK Tag, (Technology for Agriculture and Genetics) will feature agricultural technology companies searching for new markets outside the UK. Most of the Spanish exhibiting companies are hosted by Agragex, the Spanish Exporters Association of Agricultural Machinery and its components, a strong partner of Agritechnica.

 Pavilions attract new exhibitors and new technologies

Pavilions introduce many first-time exhibitors to Agritechnica and for visitors they are a way to spot technical solutions from around the world.

“This year we are especially pleased to see a high number of technology startup companies in the pavilions, which, with their innovative approaches on display, is a good way to attract investors and new clients at Agritechnica,” says Ulrike Schmidt-Machinek, Head of International Sales at the DLG (German Agricultural Society), organizer of Agritechnica.

 A pavilion adds cultural color

“Every hall at the exhibition has its own unique product focus and atmosphere, which is positively influenced by the products presented. The presence of national pavilions in a hall really adds a cultural element too with the prominent signposting that can be seen from most angles in that particular hall. Besides, most the pavilions will host special networking events with traditional food and beverages. Often the country pavilions are visited by high-ranking country representatives, such as ambassadors or ministers, with corresponding media coverage,” adds Schmidt-Machinek.

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