Agritechnica 2023: The hub of Smart Farming

DLG). At Agritechnica 2023, the DLG will be presenting a spotlight on “Smart Farming” in Hall 9, the place to be for anyone who wants to find out about the latest technologies and developments. Focusing on automation and connectivity in agricultural production, selected exhibitors will present their smart farming solutions for efficiency and sustainability.

The term “smart farming” covers technologies that automate work on the farm and thereby lighten the load for farmers. Many farms have already recognized the benefits of smart farming and are using digital technologies, such as intelligent machinery and sensors as well as farm management systems. Smart farming solutions facilitate the efficient use of operating resources, reduce the number of work steps, assist with farm management, optimize crop production for the local conditions and, finally yet importantly, help the farm manager make the right decisions. Live demonstrations of data exchange between machinery and smart farming technologies will show some of the real-world applications.

Agritechnica 2023

 Demonstrations will cover:

Software solutions for the exchange of data between machinery or between machinery and the office, like automatic documentation of field work or the transfer of fertilizer and planting maps to a smart implement. How to implement Smart Farming on the farm, including, systematic live demonstrations of the setup of farm management systems on agricultural machinery.

In addition, smart farming scouts will work with visitors to determine the current state of digitization on their farms and define the next steps toward further digital support. The DLG Spotlight “Smart Farming” at Agritechnica 2023 will present innovative and thought-provoking solutions in a comprehensive format.

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