Agribusiness professionals will take their places at Yugagro in Russia

The largest agro-industrial fair in Southern Russia to take place November 24-27 on new exhibition venue in Krasnodar.

The largest Russian agroindustrial fair, Yugagro, will again be taking place November 24 – 27, 2015 in Krasnodar, Southern Russia. Covering all industries of the agribusiness in this important agricultural area Yugagro is known as the meeting point of companies and politicians after harvesting season. For the first time Yugagro will be held on the newly errected exhibition complex Expograd YUG. Four exhibition halls provide 35,600m² hall space offering participants state-of-the-art facilities.

613 companies from more than 31 countries (among them leading agriculture machinery producers like AGCO, Claas, CNH, John Deere etc.) exhibited in 2014 showcasing their latest technologies to 10,700 visitors. Around 95% of the visitors were business professionals coming from the Southern Russian regions as well as the Nothern Caucasian republics. Yugagro features machinery and equipment for plant production, grain processing, feed stuff and animal husbandry (egg and poultry business as well as pig husbandry, animal health, fruits and vegetables).

Southern Russia’s agriculture is of great importance in the Russian Federation with one quarter of the Russian agriarian products coming from the South. The Southern regions Krasnodar, Stavropol, Rostov, Volgrograd and the autonomous republic Kalmykia are the so-called granaries of Russia with high yields of wheat, barley, corn and rice as well as sun flowers and soy that are sold to the remaining parts of Russia as well as exported abroad.

Thanks to the favourable conditions (fertile black soil, moderate climate and long vegetation periods) Krasnodar belongs to the four most important regions of agriculture and food business in Russia. 10.6% of the Russian grain, 19% of the sugar beets as well as 17% of sunflowers are cultivated in Krasnodar Region on 4.5 m. hectares. Contributing 16% of the Region’s GDP and 7% to the Russian GDP Krasnodar Kraj is considered the largest producer and supplier of agricultural products as well as the most important customer of agricultural machinery in Russia.

Due to shorter distances to the processing facilities the region’s companies are financially stronger than those of other regions in Russia. This opens up excellent chances for producers of machinery, lines and equipment for plant and animal production as well as producers of seeds, fertilizers and chemistry.

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