A Story of Sustainability: The Sandgården Farm and BKT Tires

Sustainability and innovation: Trusting on BKT tires, the Swedish farm Sandgården rises to the challenges of modern agriculture, combining respect for the land and cutting-edge technology.

We move continuously from the farm to the fields, and we have noticed that BKT products last very long

A dream has come true as a thriving farm. The Sandgården company is the story of Peter Jonzon and his family transforming 70 hectares of land in Vejbystrand, southern Sweden, into a model of sustainable and innovative farming.

The key to their success lies in the deep commitment to sustainable agriculture. “We have installed solar panels to power our home, irrigation systems, and all potato pre-crop activities,” Peter explains. Yet, the green technology integration does not stop there, extending also to their farm equipment.

Over the course of over a decade, the farm has decided to rely on BKT for their agricultural machinery tires. Petronella Jonzon praises the quality and durability of BKT products, which are essential due to frequent transfers: “We have chosen BKT tires because we move continuously from the farm to the fields, and we have noticed that BKT products last very long, which means their sustainability is excellent!


BKT tires are more than just tools; they are true workmates for farmers

This ensures high-yield operations in the fields without compromising soil vitality and productivity. In addition, these tires are the perfect combination of performance, durability, and comfort for users, as Pether Jonzon confirms: “We use precision equipment for many field jobs, and that’s where the BKT products step in. It’s fantastic having tires with great self-cleaning capabilities that don’t sink into the ground. These tires are perfect for all our routine operations even when weather conditions don’t make our job easy.”

The Sandgården farm’s sustainability and prosperity project has found a valuable ally in BKT, a partner who shares their dedication to the environment, to circular economy, and technological innovation.

Commitment to agriculture that thrives in harmony with its surrounding environment

A key aspect of their business is the membership in the SydGrönt association, which is entirely run by farmers. “We are members of SydGrönt, an association to which we entrust the sale of all our produce,” states Peter Jonzon. SydGrönt aims at developing, selling, and distributing a modern range of Swedish-grown fruits and vegetables, making sure that their members’ products reach Swedish consumers conveniently.

The final chapter of this success story is dedicated to Peter and Petronella’s children. The parents, indeed, not only wish to pass on the farm’s heritage, but also a deep passion for agriculture and a keen sense of environmental stewardship. This way, the story of the Sandgården farm and the Jonzon family goes on – always keeping an eye towards the future while being deeply rooted in the present, along with the unwavering commitment to agriculture that thrives in harmony with its surrounding environment.

Explore the full story of the Sandgården farm in our special video, an exclusive chapter of the BKT Stories series: https://www.bkt-network.com/bkt-stories/sandgarden-farm.




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