Tillage-Live 2019 sees the launch of the Cirrus Minimum TillDisc

Tillage-Live 2019 at Deenethorpe, Corby will see the public unveiling of the 6 metre Cirrus 6003-2C Minimum TillDisc with its new wavy disc element in front of the Matrix tyre roller.

This unit takes the place of the normal twin-row of cultivation discs and, with a row spacing of 16.6 cm, the straight running 460 mm boron steel corrugated discs are designed to cut through any crop residues, cover crops or soil surface and run directly in front of the sowing coulters for a clean seed/soil contact.

These corrugated discs move significantly less soil than the conventional 2-row cultivation disc element and so, in problem areas with increased chemical resistance and weed infestation (e.g. black grass or common silky bent), this disc element is an effective means of “minimum disturbance” establishment.

Following on from any shallow primary stubble chitting, deeper renovation work to improve soil structure and then subsequent crop protection measures to promote and control the emergence of volunteer grain and weeds, the soil in between the intended seed rows is left uncultivated. Using this system, the timing for drilling the following crop is delayed so that weed development has entered the dormancy period and thus the germination rate of weeds is minimised. During the sowing operation with Minimum TillDisc, as little soil as possible is moved and loosened and is cut only in the area ahead of the sowing coulters to prevent any renewed germination of weeds.

Additionally, the Cirrus can also be offered without any cultivation unit at all for those growers just looking at solo drilling into pre-prepared seedbeds.

The designation Cirrus 6003-2C means that the drill at Tillage-Live is fitted with the split 4,000 litre pressurised thank meaning that fertiliser can be applied with the seed or two crops can be sown simultaneously

Running also alongside the Cirrus Minimum TillDisc will be the new CombiDisc – Centaya 3000 compact disc harrow/pneumatic drill combination with TwinTeC double disc coulters.

Designed for use in a min-till scenario, or following the plough in either easier working soils or where a previous seedbed preparation has already taken place, the new CombiDisc, with its twin rows of 410 mm fine-serrated discs, leaves the ideal crumb structure to drill into and without the power requirement or wearing metal cost of a power harrow. Depth adjustment is either via a simple spacer system or hydraulically from the tractor seat.

On show in the main demo ring, the new UX 4201 Super trailed sprayer is fitted out with the new 36/24/12 m folding Super-L3 boom. This boom format features the new automatic boom guidance and boom tip movement suppression systems of ContourControl and SwingStop.

The on-board electro-hydraulic oil reservoir system fires oil into the boom height rams to ensure an instantaneous response to changes in topography, either positive or negative, meaning that the boom skims the crop at the target height keeping drift to a minimum and reducing driver fatigue by constantly having to try and maintain the appropriate height both in valleys and hill tops. Using acceleration sensors, SwingStop irons out any boom tip sway caused by field and driver fluctuations to reduce under- and over-spray. The new SmartCenter operator station gives perfect control of all induction, filling and cleaning functions including the new high-capacity induction bowl that doubles the standard of performance of other sprayers.

In a supporting role, Plot 14 will also feature the Cayros plough – which is currently enjoying a £250/furrow special offer from now until November – the Ceus disc and tine cultivator and a Catros Special compact disc harrow not to mention the Cayena tine seeder; so hopefully something for everyone. And it is on a bit of bodied land to go with it weather permitting.

See you on Wednesday at 8.00 am sharp, the kettle is on and waiting.