Rexroth unveils BODAS RC 40 controllers specifically designed for agricultural machinery

The latest generation of the BODAS RC series combines functional safety and information security with connectivity that is fit for the future.

Three versions of the new BODAS RC controllers in Rexroth’s 40 series will be available and will be ideally suited to use in agricultural machinery. The controllers cover functional safety and all relevant requirements of the agricultural sector. The BODAS RC 40 controllers will ensure that developers are properly prepared for the future as autonomous applications are also covered and new connectivity trends are accounted for and integrated.

Rexroth will showcase the latest generation of its controllers at Agritechnica 2019. There are three versions in the 40 series of the scalable and modular system for the optimal control of electrohydraulic components: small, medium and large. As is the case with the tried-and-tested 30 series, the three versions feature the same connectors so that machine manufacturers have flexible scaling options with the controllers when developing their products.

The BODAS RC 40 controllers and the corresponding software carry out  tasks both in the travel drive and in the working hydraulics of mobile machines.

Safety today and tomorrow

The new generation of controllers is exceptionally well suited to use in agricultural machines. As such, the controllers fulfill the functional safety requirements of agricultural and forestry machinery in accordance with standard ISO 25119 and even feature safety functions that achieve agricultural performance level (AgPL) “d”. This will enable manufacturers to develop tomorrow’s applications today – which, for example, require an extremely high level of safety in autonomous applications. New security mechanisms protect manufacturers and users both from any unintentional installation of the wrong software or software version and from any improper changes to settings. As such, passwords, which are assigned to the clearance levels of different roles within the machine manufacturer’s company, are allocated for example for parameters which meet legal requirements or are relevant in terms of safety.