Pottinger’s Impress baler delivers versatility whatever the condition

The Pöttinger IMPRESS round balers is designed to deliver maximum versatility: whether in wet or dry conditions, with straw, hay or silage forage.

Pottinger says using the Impress round balers to harvest hay provides a smooth flow of crop with the lowest possible disintegration losses to obtain forage rich in energy. The LIFTUP rotor on the baler sees crop fed into the bale chamber at a tangent, ensuring a smooth flow with very low losses due to disintegration.

Fitted with the FLEXCUT knife bank, means each of the knives can easily be engaged or disengaged. Depending on the required chopped length and dry matter content, the key parameters of the machine can be quickly adjusted.

With the flexible soft core setting, the variable models of the IMPRESS can be matched to the needs of hay harvesting through to drying the hay bales. The bale pressure can be configured flexibly in three zones. This means, for example, that a soft core can be set to ensure optimum aeration and drying of the hay bales.

Pottinger say feedback from customers from various countries are that the forage forage quality is simply the best.