Pottinger adds two larger models to Torro combiline series

Pottinger’s TORRO COMBILINE series now includes two larger models that feature the same characteristics as the rest of the family – the TORRO 7010 with a DIN loading volume of 40 m³ (L) and 38.5 m³ (D) and the TORRO 8010 with a DIN loading volume of 43 m³ (L) and 42 m³ (D).

The company claim that an optimum price-performance ratio and high output gives the new TORRO COMBILINE models the highest level of cost effectiveness.

The new beater drive line has a power output of 160 kW (translates into 1700 Nm of torque) and a fast unloading capability. All TORRO COMBILINE models are available with an optional 4 tonne drawbar.

The high drawbar load provides improved traction in the field and in the clamp and increases the reliability of the loader wagon. It also enables a heavier load to be transported, which has a positive effect on the productivity of the loader wagon.

The new loader wagon models have a new side control concept. The side-mounted control panel with its new control platform uses a CAN-BUS system, which offers a good overview of all additional functions such as the knife bank, AUTOCUT, scraper floor and the new easy hitching and unhitching feature of the loader wagon and tractor.

The new TORRO COMBILINE can be equipped with an optional driver assist system (intelligent trailed axles), which in addition to integrated sensors for driving speed and driving direction also has a steering angle sensor. The driver assist system is only available together with the POWER CONTROL terminal and load sensing.

The new weighing system allows weight display (approximate value, net weight of load) while driving. Moreover, the maximum load of the wagon can be preset and displayed. The display turns red and a warning signal sounds if this weight is exceeded. The system is operated using a POWER CONTROL terminal, and new 32-bit hardware enables it to be used without ISOBUS.

The new DURASTAR loader wagon knives have a hard and wear-resistant cutting edge, resulting in a greatly extended service life. This ensures the highest cost effectiveness. The high material quality is perfectly matched to high capacities: the special steel used combines the very good hardness and wear-resistance properties of spring steel with the toughness of boron steels. The special blade and knife shape create a self-sharpening effect for durable, smooth operation, lower fuel consumption and higher chopping quality.