New 8m GD drill launches at Cereals – celebrating 20 years of no-till drills from Weaving Machinery

Weaving Machinery has unveiled a new 8m version of the no-till Weaving GD Drill at Cereals 2018. The GD8000T is being kept under wraps until day one of Cereals, when Weaving Machinery will be celebrating 20 years of no-till drills.

The new drill has been manufactured to meet customer demand for a wider drill whilst improving their soil structure and crop establishment.  It has been designed for zero-tillage systems but works within conventional cultivation regimes when required. This new size is designed to cover large areas more quickly, making it easier than ever to reduce costs.

Interest in no-till farming has significantly increased after Michael Gove, Environment Secretary, spoke of possibly incentivising farms to adopt no-till farming through subsidies after Brexit. Many farmers have also heralded the time saved by adopting no-till systems – and the subsequent reduction in time and fuel costs.

“Weaving Machinery aims to make conservation agriculture simple,” says Simon Weaving, Sales Manager at Weaving Machinery. “This new drill has all the technology larger farms need to preserve their soil structure – all while keeping the farmer in control and protecting their bottom line.”

“This year marks Weaving Machinery’s 20th Anniversary as suppliers of no-till drills,” adds Mr Weaving. “We look forward to celebrating with our customers and friends at Cereals 2018. We don’t just make and sell drills – we’re here to support the whole arable industry progress towards a system that benefits the reputation of the farming community whilst, at the heart of it, benefiting an individual farmer and the system they have in place.”