Lister Wilder Agriculture reaches out to the local community

Lister Wilder Agriculture have been thinking long and hard about what they can do to support local communities during these unprecedented times, which goes above and beyond the company’s lifeblood as an agricultural machinery and equipment supplier in the South.

We think we have a solution, but we need your help to make it happen.

Labour shortage to sustain food production is a real concern and with approximately 10,000 followers on our Facebook page, we’re hoping to bring together those in need of a workforce with those who are looking for work within their local area.

So, in the first instance, all we ask is all our valued customers on facebook simply DM us ASAP if you have workforce gaps that need filling.

We will then publish these farms that are recruiting for all others to either sign up and/ or share to friends and family to get in touch.

No strings, just simply trying to bring people closer and do our bit with the reach we have on here. If there was ever a time to test the power of social media, this would be it.  It may work, it might not… but we’re going to give it a go.

We also ask all other dealers within our  network to do the same within their locality by sharing this and asking your customers to DM you too.

We’re in it together to make a difference on a local and national scale.

(Note to Friends within our Dealer Network:- We’ve set up a separate Facebook page should this work, so we can collectively advertise farms that are recruiting up and down the country all in one place. Just DM us to get the chats going).

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