Ktwo build trailer over 3 metres wide for North America

Ktwo, one of the biggest British manufacturers of farming machinery, have built a 3.2 metre wide machine based on their popular Roadeo Curve Trailers to fulfil the export market needs in North America.

Ktwo saw an opportunity in the North American market for a strong high-quality agriculture trailer after being approached by several companies across America and Canada this year alone. They needed a manufacturer with the capacity and experience to fulfil their need for strong, large silage trailers to hold volumes of over 52m3 (1,850 cubic ft).

Ktwo purchased Warwick Trailers last year to increase the size of their production facilities to nearly 80,000 square foot, giving them the space to produce more for their export markets.

‘’With our larger facilities we can focus on our export market growth. We already have machines around the world, but we are now able to develop our range more so for the export needs across different countries.’’ explains Robbie Polson, Ktwo Managing Director.

Ktwo already has examples of their UK leading Roadeo Compact and Push trailers operating in Canada and enquiries for more, along with spreaders and now tipping trailers.

‘’Specifically for North America, we have taken our Ktwo Roadeo Curve Trailers and increased the width from 2.5m to 3.2m wide. The bigger machines are all tri axles with steering axles and 800 tyres to cope with the large size and capacity. It has been a good challenge and we’re excited for our future growth in export worldwide.’’

The first trailer has been shipped, along with a tandem Ktwo Duo muck spreader, and is due to arrive into America by the end of this July. The next four trailers and a further three spreaders will be shipped in the coming weeks.