Kramer uses cutting-edge technology for telehandlers up to 9 m stacking height

Kramer-Werke has been explanding its portfolio of agricultural telehandlers since the second of last year and have introduced 8 models with a stacking height from 6 to 9 m and this month two additional models KT407 and KT429 have been added to the range.

The company now has a total of 11 models between 6 m and 9 m of stacking height.

A new operating concept is used for ten of the machines machines (KT306, KT356, KT307, KT357, KT407, KT447, KT507, KT557, KT429, KT559). It enables an intuitive operation of all functions by using the electronically pilot-operated all-in-one joystick and the jog dial control element. For example, the joystick’s sensitivity can be individually adjusted with this. All relevant vehicle data and settings are displayed via the new 7″ display. The image of the optional reversing camera is also integrated into the display so that no separate output screen is necessary.

The models KT507 (optional), KT429 (optional), KT557 and KT559 have a new hydrostatic, wide-angle drive system “ecospeedPRO” with 370cc capacity for increased tractive force and driving dynamics.

The variable hydrostatic high-speed gearbox with a 45° turning angle of the hydraulic motor was co-developed by Kramer. The ecospeedPRO drive system allow for a continuous acceleration from 0-40 km/h without shifting and thus without losses of thrust and tractive forces.

The large conversion range of the 45° technology also allows for driving through the entire speed range from 0 to 40 km/h without shifting. In typical agricultural working situations, such as handling work in the Y-cycle, there is a high demand for constant thrust and tractive forces at low speeds. The ecospeedPRO transmission meets these requirements by completely eliminating shifting steps.

The intelligent engine speed reduction “Smart Driving” is integrated as a standard. This optimally adjusts the engine speed to the driving requirements at a constant speed. When reaching the maximum speed, this ensures reduced noise level, a lower fuel consumption and a reduced load on the individual components. With ecospeedPRO, it is possible to reduce the engine speed to 1,550 rpm at maximum travel speed.

As a standard, all models (KT276, KT306, KT356, KT307, KT357, KT407, KT447, KT507, KT557, KT429, KT559) are equipped with the driver assistance system Smart Handling. With three functional modes for different requirements.

The variety of attachments makes the Kramer telehandlers true all-rounders on the farm. The machines are extremely versatile to use, whether for feeding, stacking straw or mucking. “Our telehandlers can essentially be described with three characteristics: sturdy, versatile and efficient. We are very pleased that we were able to expand and continue to develop our agricultural product portfolio with these machines. This allows us to meet customer needs even better”, says Karl Friedrich Hauri, managing director of Kramer-Werke GmbH.