JCB celebrates Fastrac’s contribution to farm productivity

JCB engineering and assembly teams have celebrated the contribution made to farming productivity by the Fastrac 3000 Series tractor over the past 20 years.


When introduced in 1998, the 150hp Fastrac 3155 and 170hp 3185 built on the success of their 100 Series predecessors in establishing the JCB Fastrac as a uniquely productive and versatile machine on farms around the World.

Subsequent models brought increased power, greater fuel economy, lower running costs and reduced emissions, a new JCB semi-powershift transmission for more productive field and transport operations. They also added to the Fastrac’s unique features with anti-lock braking for added on- and off-road safety, and selectable transport power boost, which enables drivers to choose between optimum economy and outright performance.

Now, as the 3000 Series bows out of production at the Cheadle factory in Staffordshire, JCB’s considerable design, engineering and production resources are focused entirely on the new generation 4000 and 8000 Series designs, which take the Fastrac to new heights of performance and productivity with advanced CVT transmissions, all-new cabs and integrated guidance and ISOBUS electronics.

The final Fastrac 3230 Xtra off the assembly line is destined for a customer in Australia, where the tractor’s working speed, stability, traction and ride comfort have made it a popular choice for fertiliser application and other spreading operations, often carried out across difficult terrain.

John Smith, Managing Director of JCB Agriculture, said: “The 3000 Series tractors are direct descendants of the Fastrac models that introduced farmers and contractors to the new concept of a machine capable of moving farm inputs and produce more speedily and more safely than ever before, while giving operators unprecedented levels of comfort.

“Over the past 20 years, they have gained more power, better transmissions, upgraded cab equipment and new features that added to their control and performance capabilities, and helped the tractors win over many fans to the advanced Fastrac concept.

“It’s an important chapter in the ongoing Fastrac story that’s worth celebrating as we now focus solely on a new generation of Fastrac tractors that further increase the versatility, performance and productivity of this unique product.”

The JCB Fastrac range now comprises three 4000 Series tractors from 175-235hp with a top speed of 60kph, multi-mode four-wheel steering and ‘active’ suspension all round, and the two-model Fastrac 8000 Series with 306-348hp and capable of 70kph.

With the all-new Command Plus cab providing excellent all-round visibility and new levels of driver comfort, the seamless speed control versatility of CVT transmissions and built-in GPS guidance and ISOBUS implement control capability, these machines raise the bar for tractor design, performance and comfort within their class.