Grimme upgrades web grader

Grimme has extensively upgraded its WG 900 web grader for the 2020 season.

Design changes mean the grading area can be increased by 15% compared to the previous model but the overall length of the grading web remains the same.  Additionally, the drop step from the grading web onto the grading cross conveyor can be reduced by 60 mm.

The “QuickConnect” quick-change system reduces downtime by up to 70% compared to conventional web-joiners and grading webs can be adapted to the desired tuber size more quickly and easily. To join the two ends of the grading web, the hook elements are simply clicked onto the connecting rod. To open, the quick-change system can easily be disconnected by hand and is available for all GRIMME WG 900 grading units ex works or as a retrofit kit.

Due to a permanent contact between the redesigned eccentric agitator and the rubber fabric grading web, a uniform undulating web movement is generated, which contributes to a significant improvement of the grading performance. Furthermore, the continuous contact of the eccentric agitator gently lifts any wedged crop out of the meshes.

The new 800 mm wide grading cross conveyor enables the sorted crop to be transferred to subsequent conveyor belts without any bottle neck. For even easier integration into the storing line, the machine can optionally be equipped with a height-adjustable chassis.