First TORION sold

CLAAS UK has announced the sale of the first TORION wheel loader to be retailed in the UK, which was confirmed on the first day of the LAMMA Show on 17th January.

Launched at Agritechnica and making its UK debut at LAMMA, the new top-of-the-range TORION 1914 has been bought by Metcalfe Farms, based at Leyburn in North Yorkshire.

Metcalfe Farms are long established customers of CLAAS Eastern at Sinderby, and operate a fleet of CLAAS JAGUAR forage harvesters and LEXION combines in their farming and contracting business.

The company has been operating wheel loaders for 33 years, and has made the decision to change brand and invest in the new CLAAS TORION, partly due to the high level of customer service and support they receive from CLAAS Eastern, but to also benefit from the higher capacity the TORION 1914 provides, combined with lower ownership costs.

The TORION range comprises a total of seven models, in three body sizes, with tipping load capacities ranging from 12.4 tonnes for the TORION 1914 to 3.45 tonnes with the smallest TORION 535.

The TORION is the first wheel loader designed specifically for agricultural use and a particular feature of the TORION range is its low operating cost. This is as a result of a combination of high engine torque, peaking at 1433Nm, and the efficiency of the CVT transmission which provides a higher loading capacity. Allied to this is the TORION’s significantly lower maintenance cost, with service intervals of 2,000 hours and the hydraulic system only needing to be checked at 3,000 hours and the oil not changed until 6,000 hours, which is three times longer than any comparable machine on the market.