BvL celebrate 40 years of diet feeder manufacturing

It’s 40 years since BvL introduced the first vertical feed mixer wagon to the market, during which time the company has grown to become one of the world’s leading manufacturers of diet mixers.

Today, the BvL V-MIX range of diet feeders covers a wide range of machines, available in single, twin and triple augers variants and in capacity from 3.5m3 up to 46m3. A wide range of specifications and options are available on each machine, allowing them to be tailored to exactly meet the needs of all types of farm and livestock.

At this year’s AgriScot, BvL will have on display a 17m3 capacity, twin auger, single axle diet feeder. As on all BvL feeders the powerful mixing augers are made from high quality steel with Hardox leading edges and adjustable knives with mixing wedges in the mixing hopper. Between them, these features ensure that the ration is thoroughly mixed and mix quality consistently maintained.

A unique feature of all BvL diet mixers is the patented EDS (Exact Dosing System) discharge. This is designed to provide consistent, even forage discharge that is deposited in a loose swath. With doors on both the left and right hand side of the feeder, this provides complete feeding flexibility and even allows for the mix to be deposited on both sides simultaneously. A wide range of additional discharge door options are available, as is a discharge conveyor on all models.

A further option unique to BvL is the availability of special coatings and hardened components for where the mixer is going to be used with more abrasive, higher dry matter rations, making this option particularly suited for beef cattle rations and large dairy herds.

Also on display will be a BvL Mega 180 shear grab. This robustly built grab is designed so as to provide a clean cut leaving a clean face to the clamp. The Mega 180 has a total capacity of 2.25m3 and is constructed from wear resistant steel. The knife blade is split into three sections that can be replaced individually if required.14