INNOVATION AWARD AGRITECHNICA 2019 IN SILVER – 398 MPT – High Speed Flotation Truck Tire

Alliance Tire Europe BV, The Netherlands (Hall 4 Stand C28)

Agricultural trucks, with drive and chassis technology designed for off-road use, are becoming increasingly important in European agriculture and forestry. Up until now, no suitable tyres were available for the rear axles of a large number of these vehicles where the inflation pressure could
be reduced to a reasonable level in the field, while also allowing driving speeds of more than 65 km/h on the road at a higher inflation pressure.
The Alliance 398 MPT now enables fast driving on motorways and expressways and, due to the tread design and reduced tyre inflation pressure, offers excellent traction and reduced loading of the ground in fields and off-road. The design, with steel belts and a steel body, enables low heat-up at high driving speeds, driving safety and flexible adjustment
to terrain with a reduced tyre inflation pressure. With tyres like the Alliance 398 MPT, the border between arable land and asphalt is more
“permeable”, i.e. the lorry technology, which is considerably more energy-efficient on the road compared to tractors, can in some cases also be used for agricultural transport on fields under the more difficult ground conditions there.